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Truss Plant

State-of-the-art facilities designed for high-volume production of roof trusses and floor trusses for both residential and commercial applications. Our expert design team designs and bring value engineering to your project, whether it’s a shed in the backyard or a new home or a large commercial project.


We have seen many changes in our industry since 1970, but one thing remains the same. Quality and Service.

Products and Services

Ready Made Truss is a state-of-the-art facility designed for high-volume production of roof and floor trusses. We run a well managed team of employees from the design stage through the production and delivery stage.

With Ready Made Truss, our expert design team can optimize your overall roof package, insuring you the best product for the best price. We follow all local and relative national codes to insure your project moves smoothly through the installation and inspection process, saving you time and money.


Our production team builds each truss on new state of the art equipment using the best known practices in the truss industry. With delivery scheduling around our customers needs, we provide hassle free trusses on time, saving you money and headaches.